Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November, glad its over!

So the last two weeks of this month have been a little hectic. Last Monday I passed out while I was in the shower, yeah a little scary. Luckily, Mac was there to catch me so I didn't hit my head or anything. Apparently I was out cold for about 45 seconds and then took another minute or so to get reoriented. Of course I sobbed the whole time I was coming too. So we went to the doctor just to make sure everything was alright with the baby. Thankfully it was just fine. They said I probably just got too hot and was maybe a little dehydrated and my blood pressure dropped and down I went. That's story number one...

Before I go to story number two, some good news. Thanksgiving! It was a little weird not being with mine or Mac's family but we had good friends to spend it with. Mac and I had to work but the hotel was super slow so we got paid time and a half to cook dinner and do nothing. Pretty great! Then on Saturday Mac and I got to skype with Tessa and Klaira and Tim and Sandra. It was good to get to see them and Klaira is getting so big and talking like crazy! Now to story number two...

Sunday morning came along and our church doesn't start until 1:00 so we just lounged around and slept in a little bit. But when I went to go get ready I found that I was spotting quite a bit. Not exactly what I was hoping to see. I instantly started sobbing thinking the worst had happened. I yelled for Mac and he tried to calm me down but I was a little inconsolable. I finally calmed down a little bit and he gave me a blessing before we left for the hospital. By the time we got there I had calmed down and had a good Sabbath headache going for me. Three hours later we had an ultrasound and everything was fine. They did a bunch of measurements and made sure the placenta was still attached and the cervix was still closed and everything checked out. A giant sigh of relief. The good part of all of this was we got to see our baby again. It even waved to us.

I am so thankful to have Mac in my life and for his ability to give me a blessing when I needed it most and didn't think about it. We are really blessed to have healthy baby and apparently a fighter. I can't wait to get to meet it and hold it in my arms. We told the ultrasound tech that if he happened to see any indication of what the baby was to feel free to tell us, but the baby was nice and cuddled up. I'm so grateful that everything turned out alright but I'm still recovering from the initial shock and stress of it all. Another appointment on Friday and hopefully the good news will continue.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Appointment number 2

So, we had our 2nd appointment the other day and it was quite possibly the shortest Dr.'s appointment I have ever been to. We got to the clinic, checked in and sat in the waiting room for a little bit, gotta love that! Then they take me back weigh me, take my blood pressure and tell me to go pee in a cup. (No problem there!) So, I get back to exam room expecting to have another in depth appointment and I hear, "Should we listen to the baby's heartbeat today?" The Dr. asks as she comes into the room. Well, heck yeah! That's almost as exciting as getting to see the little thing (which I thought we were going to get to do). She whips out the Doppler machine and begins to tell me how it's usually pretty hard to find the heartbeat when they're so small. "But don't worry," she says, "I'll be patient and we'll find it." Not two seconds later you could hear the heartbeat! It was so amazing and a very tender moment. The tears never hit my cheeks, so "technically" I didn't cry but it was definitely an emotional moment. Then, just like that it was over. That was my whole appointment!! I asked a few questions and we left. I think all total it took about 20 minutes once we got into the exam room. But at least we know the baby's heartbeat is strong and everything is going well. So, that's my story of our 2nd appointment. I'm hoping at our next one we'll be able to talk the Dr. into scheduling and ultrasound before we leave for Christmas, and that the baby will cooperate, so we can find out the sex. They don't usually do it until 20 weeks but they can do it any time between 18 and 20 and I'll be a little over 18 when we leave. So keep your fingers crossed for us!