Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Very overdue....again!

So as I was putting the pictures on this post I realized I probably should have broken it down into a few smaller posts, but oh well. You get all the pictures at once.

Things here in Alaska are going well. School has started again which means super busy between that, work, and taking care of my cute little family! But, a lot has happened since our last post so I'll give you a little update and then let you enjoy the pictures...

Since our last past we have moved three, yes, three times! Our bosses, Mel and Sharon sold their house, which is also where our apartment was. I never realized hos much stuff we had accumulated since we got here and how much stuff would fit in our little apartment. Unfortunately our apartment that we were going to move into wasn't ready when we moved out so we had to live in the hotel for a month! I've always hated living out of a suitcase and I was self-conscious about keeping Macey quiet at night, but what can you do. After the month in the hotel we moved into our new apartment. It was a nice one bedroom, new appliances, and it had a washer and drier, and a dishwasher! I was in heaven. But our landlady was crazy. I won't go into the details, but we'll just say it wasn't a good fit. So, right after Christmas we moved....again. We are now living in a nice 3 bedroom duplex that one of our managers owns and it is great! It also has a washer, drier, and dishwasher, and a nice big backyard. It's so nice having some extra space but I'm afraid of all the extra stuff we can now accumulate. Macey has her own room and Mac and I have a room to do my sewing and crafting stuff and his reloading, hunting, and fishing stuff.

I got one semester down for the year and started the second one. So far so good, its definitely a lot of work and time management but it'll be worth it when its all over and done with. Macey is growing so fast! She's on the verge of walking, if we could just get her to not be a chicken and take more than one step. Soon enough though. She's 9 months old now. At her 6 month appointment she was almost 29 inches and 15 lbs. So I'd say now she's probably 30-ish inches and about 17-18 pounds, tall and skinny. She also has 7 teeth now, working on 9 so she's a bit grumpy lately.
Mac is doing really well too. He went out duck hunting and deer hunting on the boat a few times. He got a few ducks and some of the guys on his boat got deer but he didn't actually shoot one this year. We're still planning on going out around May to get our brown bears, I'm pretty excited! Other than that there's nothing too exciting happening. On to the pictures...

While we were staying at the hotel. Macey's about 4 months here.

Love this girl!

Playing on the floor while we watched General Conference.

So these next pictures were a couple days after Macey got really, really sick. I woke up to her puking on me and it didn't stop all day. We ended up taking her into the emergency room and they had to give her IV fluids because she couldn't keep anything down. We were in the hospital for like 6 hours and were almost admitted but she finally was able to keep stuff down. It was so hard watching them try and get her IV in and then they had to do catheterize her to get a urine sample, that was the worst. The first nurse I don't think knew what she was doing because it seemed like she was just poking around down there and then we finally got two nurses to come in and try and they got it a couple seconds. Definitely a relief when that was over. Thankfully it didn't take her too long to get back to her old, smiley self again.

Halloween! Getting ready to carve our pumpkin!

Watching daddy.
Trying to help.


Macey's Halloween costume, she was an owl.

Bath time!

New dress Grandma Anderson made.

7 months old

A little melt-down...kinda cute though.

Oh Christmas tree...

Playing with her food.

Such a big girl!

Christmas morning...

Macey's first present.

She loves trying to pull things apart, so the wrapping paper was especially fun for her.

Baby doll

Not the best picture but I was a little surprised/excited about my present!

No, I wasn't excited about a magazine. It's a travel guide for Hawaii. Yep, Mac and I are going on a baby free vacation this summer to Hawaii! I really didn't care where it was too,
I was just glad that I'll get to see the sunshine!

These are our most recent pictures of Macey.
After our bath, before bed.

I went in to check on her during her nap and found her like this. She was so tired that she just fell forward and didn't move! I thought it was pretty cute.
The End!