Friday, January 14, 2011

Christmas, New Years, and everything in between!

Be forewarned, it's gonna be a big one...

So, first things first. We found out what we are having! We had an appointment the day before we got on our plane to head down to Utah and we were really hoping to be able to find out so we could let everyone at home know. Well, apparently the baby didn't get the memo because it took us about half and hour to finally get a shot so that we could see. It's a girl! She was quite content being all curled up and not moving a bit, despite the poking and prodding from all angles. Finally, she relented and decided to reveal herself and we couldn't be happier! (I'll post a few pictures later, they're not on my computer yet.) She was so cute and the things that they are able to see and show you in an ultrasound are amazing. We got to see the chambers of her heart, her stomach, kidneys, both sides of her brain and her cute little feet. Every time I see her I get more and more excited to hold her and love her even more. And we'll get to see her every month at each appointment because I have placenta previa, where the placenta is attached over the cervix. The doctor thinks it still might move as my uterus expands, but in the mean time they will monitor it. If it doesn't end up moving I will get to schedule a c-section. Oh boy!

We flew into Salt Lake on the 14th of December and got to spend about 10 days with my family. It was so good to get to see them, and I didn't mind the little extra attention for being pregnant! Mac and I did a lot of shopping and a lot of eating! I don't think I've ever been so burnt out on restaurant and fast food in my life. But I loved every bite of it! It was so nice to actually have places to go out to eat that were good and didn't cost a fortune.

One of my favorite things we did while we were in Utah was going to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Concert. Aside from standing in the cold for what seemed like an eternity while my mom and Jordan made their way through Salt Lake Traffic at 5:00, it was awesome! I had never been inside the conference center and it is ENORMOUS. And it was amazing how well the sound carried in that big of a space. It was a neat experience though.


We were sad to leave Utah but we had berry pie waiting for us in Idaho for Christmas! We spent Christmas at Mac's grandparents house in Aberdeen. It was really good to get to see his grandparents and his aunt Joy and her family. Along with his parents and Blaine and Tessa and of course Klaira. Klaira took some time getting warmed up to Mac. She wasn't entirely sure what to think of his facial hair. Anytime he asked for a hug she would always tell him, "In a minute," and walk away, and every so often she would have to remind him, "You're hairy." It was pretty cute and she finally warmed up to him. Now for a few pictures....

Not quite awake yet...

Klaira loved her princess couch! Although it did cause a
few quarrels between her and her cousin Cambria.

Cambria helping Grandpa hand out presents.

Brooke and April

Klaira being silly with her new apron.

Anyone who knows Tessa, knows she loves cotton candy.
Well, that is what is in her giant box. Six tubs of delicious spun sugar!

Loved this picture.

By the end of it all, a little more energetic and loving her ukulele.

So, that was Christmas. But the best present, I think we couldn't get a picture of. After breakfast Mac and I were sitting on the couch and our little girl decided to get a little feisty, and Mac got to feel her kick for the first time. It was very sweet and since then I don't think she's stopped kicking! =-)


Cody helping Cambria.

Lilly Ann

Tessa trying to help, but Klaira was convinced she
do it herself.

High fiving grandpa!

Not very happy...

That was all the fun and excitement in Idaho. It was nice to be able to see and spend time with family. A lot of games were played, great food, and good times. Then on to wonderful Montana. We ended up leaving a day early hoping to miss a big storm but we had freezing rain from Idaho Falls to the pass at Monida. It was definitely slow going for a while, but we finally made it.

We met up with some of Tim's family for dinner at Applebees (that's where Mac surprised me and proposed, fyi). Walt, Tim's dad, had went through hip surgery about 3 weeks early and was still on the mend but looking good. Once again, it was great to see everyone and do some catching up.

So, for a funny little story. We had bought some snacks and things to have for New Years Eve and Klaira decided that she wanted some Chex Mix. So, she asked grandma and grandma told her, "We have to wait until tonight. We have to wait until we say Happy New Year." Klaira stood their for a second, a little disappointed at being told no and then replied, "Happy New Year." It was pretty cute. She figured as long as she said Happy New Year she would get some snacks, regardless of if her and grandma's time lines were the same.

We decided that since we had all of the family together that we should take a family picture. It was freezing cold so of course why not take them outside? Needless to say, they were fast pictures!

So cold!!!

A few bloopers...

So, that was pretty much our trip. The fun parts anyways. We didn't want to leave, but unfortunately we had to get back to school and work. I think that was the worst part, the trip from Montana to Alaska, but more specifically the ferry ride from Bellingham, WA to Juneau. 60 hours on a boat is far to long for anyone. Throw in being pregnant and running out of movies and it's a pretty miserable time. Thankfully we only had rough seas one day and I only got sick that once. But we made it home at 4:30am only to find out that we had grabbed the wrong house keys and were locked out of our apartment. Luckily, Mel, our boss was awake by about 5:15 and he had a key to get us in. What a way to end a vacation.

I told you it was gonna be a long one, but that's what happens when you haven't blogged in over a month, you're on vacation, and there are two holidays in the mix of everything. I'll try to stay on top of things again, but we'll see how it goes. Hopefully, I didn't bore you to death!