Monday, December 7, 2009

So very, very behind!!!

So, it has been months since we last posted anything on our blog so I thought I would update you all on everything that has been going on in our crazy lives!!

Alaska was a blast, since the last pictures that were on here, we had Mac's parents, Tim and Sandra, and his Aunt Cindy, Uncle Dave, Callie and Brayden come up for a week. It was tons of fun and we caught lots of fish. However, this week was virtually what ended our blog posting. While we were fishing, starting at low tide, we forgot that the bag with our camera and some snacks were down the way on the beach (we had moved down cuz there were more fish jumpint). Anyway, Mac looks over and sees our bag and our wonderful camera on the brink of floating out to sea. So Sandra ran and grabbed it but unfortunately the camera was fried. So, until we get a new camera our blog will be without pictures. =-(

So, now we are back home in Montana and loving it! Accept for the fact that we don't see each other like we did in Alaska. We would seriously be with each other 24/7 in Alaska and now we don't see each other nearly as much as we would like, but such is life I guess. Going to school and working is a little crazy at times and Mac is still looking for a job. Its amazing how many applications you can put in and just because you put that you are unavailable to work on Sunday, they won't hire you! I think Mac has put in upwards of 20 applications and not one has even called him back. It kinda stinks cuz we're just living off our paycheck but thank goodness for blessings and our money stretching far beyond.

So, as far as school goes its pretty good. I'm going in to Elementary Education and only have 2 years left! Yeah!!!! And I get to apply to the school of education in February, wish me luck! Now Mac on the other hand was originally going into business. He and his buddy from high school Devin had several classes together and were loving it. Even if they didn't pay much attention. ;-) Anyways, just a couple months ago he decided that he wants to switch his major to secondary education and teach high school history and government! So, that was a shocker since he had never even really thought about teaching but I think he'll be really good at it. I actually think he would make a good college professor because then you can just teach and not have to worry about all the input of the students. But he wants to be done with school as soon as possible so thats out of the question, atleast for now. It will be nice though when we're both teaching because we'll have the same vacations, summers off, and we'll be home at the same time as the other and our kids!

Speaking of kids................=-) Just kidding. I want to have a baby SO bad but I also want to finish my degree, AND we're broke. Both of us really want one though. But we're holding out for a few years, atleast until I finish my degree. So, sad day for baby hungry me, but it will come around quick. I hope! =-)

Mac and I are as happy as ever and loving married life. We are especially looking forward to going back to Alaska this summer. Unfortunately without the road trip but it will still be great. Mel and Sharon, our bosses, are really good to us up there. And we get to fish all the time and basically have a second honeymoon!!

Anyways, I think we're all caught up now. I promise I'll try to do better at posting, I'll shoot for once a month rather than once every 5 months!!! ;-)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Trip to Alaska and fishing.

So, we came up to Alaska for the summer and pretty much all we do is work and fish! Its a lot of fun. We're working at a Best Western and the best part is that we work the same shift, so we pretty much spend all day, everyday together. Pretty nice for a couple of newlyweds. But here are some pictures from our road trip up here and all our fishing adventures.

Mac's first sockeye. Sockeye #2, he's somewhat of a fish slayer!

My first sockeye. As you can see I couldn't wait to eat him.

Looking down the river where we fish.

The fishing hole.

Another look at the river from the bridge.

This is what we look like after waking up at 3:30 or 4 in the morning or even staying up all night, hiking for an hour each way, fishing all day until 11:30 or so and then coming home to go to work! It makes for a long day but its lots of fun and so worth it.

Looking into the depths of the forest.

No real reason for this picture, I just thought it would be cool.



We watched this little family of ducks all day and we actually saw a bald eagle try and swoop down to grab one a couple times. It was pretty neat to watch.

Nice backward 'C' on the little 5 weight rod.

Mac, pullin for all he's worth. Apparently so was the fish.

I had to let this one go because I snagged him. But I had to get a picture because I didn't know if I would get another one that day. And it was a good thing because we wouldn't have kept this one anyways, he was starting to turn colors and their meat goes soft and they're no good.

A kiss goodbye.

We both ended up keeping 2 fish that day and mine was bigger!!!

Fish lovers, us and them.

Lake Louise, Canada. One of our many stops on the way to Alaska.

On the road to Alaska.

All packed and ready for our long drive.

Random pictures at a restaurant in Canada.

Caribou!! We were a little too excited and scared them. But it was cool, we'd never seen caribou before.

Gotta love sleeping pictures!!

Oh, so attractive!

Right before we saw the moose, we had been talking about how we wanted to see one

On the ferry from Skagway to Juneau. T

The water was so calm, it was amazing.

This is one of my favorites, you can see the moon in the left corner, just barely.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reception in Drummond, MT.

Our cake! Mac and I designed it and did the flowers and stuff and my mom did the fondant for us!

My Aunt Terrie, paints these for all the kids in the family. You're supposed to make it into a quilt but we'll see how quickly that gets done. =-)
My niece, Kyla.
My family, only missing two this time. (Jordan, Jeremy and Nikki, Mac, Me, Kyla, Mom, Dad, Jake, and Jessa. Destinie and Abbie, Jeremy's other two girls weren't there)
Our nieces, Klaira and Kyla, in their matching dresses and headbands. They're only a few days apart.

My mom and me!
Mac and Kim Parker.
My dad and my brother, Jordan, sang "I Loved Her First" by Heartland while Mac and I danced. Dad was going to sing it by himself but didn't know if he could make it through the whole thing.
So, funny story. The ribbon that was wrapped around the bottom of the cake might as well have been super glued on to the cake! It was double wrapped and the first layer came off really easy but the next layer that was actually next to the cake wasn't so simple. I went to pull it off and the cake fell off the stand and started to roll. Luckily, Mac has fast reflexes and grabbed it before it could roll away!!

Kristen and Tanner Piippo. But there's a story behind this pose. When I was in high school, before every volleyball and basketball game they would stand down on the court and tap their cheeks and I'd run over and give them a kiss on the cheek.
All the girls on my side of the family, minus one.
Mac and his sister, Tessa.
A little blurry, but she's still darn cute!