Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fishing in Montana Creek

This creek is one of our favorite spots to fish. It's down in this steep cut canyon and just beautiful, probably because its called "Montana" creek! Anyways, the chum salmon run up this creek to spawn and the dolly varden trout follow them up and eat their eggs, so that's what we fish for is the trout, cuz the chum's are nasty. So, here's some pictures of our last few trips to Montana...creek.

There are raspberry and blueberry bushes everywhere.

Beautiful canyon creek.

Mac, the fish slayer!

I was playing with the camera while Mac was fishing and thought this would be a cool picture. It didn't turn out quite how I wanted, but I think its still kinda cool.

My first dolly since we've been up here! Pretty nice too I'd say.

I had fun playing with our camera and trying out different settings. I thought this one turned out pretty cool.

Right as we were getting ready to leave Mac spotted these two big fish go zooming down the creek. They happened to be two king salmon, which we were not really expecting to see. So we stayed for what I thought would be a little while and Mac swung big streamer flies at these fish. I ended up snagging them a couple times but everytime it would wrap him around the snag and snap him off. This was one right before it snapped him off. He did finally get one to go down stream but it ended up swimming right under a tree Mac was standing behind. So Mac is trying to kick this thing in the head so it doesn't go up anymore and he just keeps on swimming and snaps him off. It was pretty good watching!

A new day on the creek....

I really like the way this picture turned out. If you look close you can see that Mac is whistling.


These next pictures I was just having fun. I was trying to get a good picture of a tail fin sticking out of the water so I just kept shooting and some of them actually turned out pretty cool.

Shake your tail "fin". =-)

Here's our bear! I don't know why but I am always the one who sees the bear first. As I was walking back toward where Mac and Justin were fishing I thought I heard some branches cracking or something but just kind of shook it off. Then as I got closer I could see that they were moving and a big black shadow was the culprit. So, trying to stay calm, I tell Mac that there is a bear. I'm not gonna lie I was a little nervouse because I was on the other side of the creek all by myself and it looked like the bear was coming across the creek my way. But he didn't and instead I got some cool pictures!

Coming down the hill...

Peeking through the trees.

Scoping out the salmon situation. Thankfully there was a "salmon" situation otherwise we could have a real situation on our hands! It was still pretty cool though. I wish I could have got a picture of it actually fishing, now that would have made my day!

Kind of a long post I know but I just had so many pictures, and believe me I cut most of them out! But we're having a blast here in Alaska. Getting ready for the coho salmon to start running and then school starts in a couple of weeks. I'm actually a little excited because then it will give me something to do at work when its slow, which it will be in the next couple months. Well, I think this post is long enough and if you stuck it out to the end of it I commend you!