Thursday, January 28, 2010

Christmas, school and everything in between.

Well, I'm still working on the whole once a month thing but its amazing how fast your time goes each day or how many "more important" things you can find to do. I mean honestly, what could be more important the blogging? =-)
Well, I think I'll start at Christmas...Christmas was wonderful. Our first as a married couple! So fun!! I will be posting some pictures soon because we now have the internet on our camera. Unfortunately, my dear sweet husband isn't in any of them because he was running the camera. A lame excues by my standards, but whatever! So, I got a saddle for Christmas and it is wonderful, fits, and is my very own!!! Mac is so good to me. Unfortunately he's really hard to shop for but I got him a duck hunter game that I thought was pretty cool, but it was broken so we sent it back. Then my oldest brother, Jeremy and his wife, Nikki, and daughter, Kyla, came over and somehow I got stuck putting together her toy kitchen. I thought that was the dad's job? Oh well, it was fun and she loved it! We had our traditional Belgian waffles for breakfast and just enjoyed the day off. Mac and I tested out my saddle and he was a little jealous but he's slowly starting to get over it.
Our first semester at the U of M went really well. No failed classes so thats always a plus and now on to the next semester! So far its been pretty good. None of my classes are too hard its just a matter of keeping my eyes open for some of them. My favorite class this semester is probably my singing class. I'm doing my emphasis for my major in music so I have to have so many credits in music. It's really fun, pretty much all we do is sing and basically have a voice lesson three times a week. It's a good stress reliever for me.
Work is going good. Luanne, my boss, isn't real excited about me leaving. Not that she's mad about it she just isn't looking forward to finding some summer help. I on the other hand am ready to leave for Alaska tomorrow if I could! It will be so nice to only have to work and not have to worry about school or anything else! I'll actually get to sleep in on occasion which will be glorious!!! And Mac and I will get to hang out and fish everyday (well, probably not everyday, but just the fact that we could is exciting!). Well, that's all I can think of thats new for now. Hopefully I'll get some pictures up in the not too distant future!