Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Missing" Teeth

I know what you may be thinking from the title and I can assure you, Mac and I both have all of our teeth in tact. My reason for this post is a little reminiscent...

On Sunday I was subbing in Primary for Sandy Kroll, she teaches the 6-7 year olds. Anyways, they are quite a rambuncious class but were definitely a lot of fun. We learned about missionaries and how we can all be missionaries everyday. Then on to sharing time. Of course got beat to the "big" chair, no big deal, I'll just sit with my knees tucked up to my chin. So about half way through sharing time Madison Jarrell, who was in my class, turns to me and says with pure excitement, "My toof fell out!!" (puts it in MY hand) "It just came right out, I didn't even feel it!!" Her eyes twinkled with the prospect of a gift from the tooth fairy. I gave it back and told her to put it in her pocket so she didn't lose it. On the way home I told Mac about how I kind of missed losing teeth. It was always exciting and nerve racking all at the same time. Would it come out easy or would I have to tie a string to it and slam the door?!?! So we then began talking about ways that we had our teeth pulled. Just to name a few:

  • Yank it

  • Non-stop wiggling

  • Tie floss or other string to your tooth and the door and proceed to slam the door. (Talk about anxiety!)

  • Bite into an apple (I did this once and it hurt like crazy because the tooth was out on one side but the other side still had a firmly attached root. So as I bit the tooth tried to go into the apple but instead pivoted on the secure root and dug into my gums. Definitely no pleasant! I woudldn't recommend this one)

  • Tie floss or string to your tooth and a heavy object and drop off something relatively high. (We never did this one but I saw it on a movie once and thought it was kinda cool)

  • Anymore? Let me know!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Christmas Pictures!

Pictures from Christmas, just like I promised. But Mac isn't in any of them because he was the one taking pictures. Lame excuse I know, but what can you do? Anyways, here goes...

Waiting "patiently"

Mornin' Sunshine

Looking in disbelief


So, the story behind the saddle....When Mac and I were still dating I told him that I wanted to have horses when I was older. When I lived in Utah I used to ride all the time because my dad calf roped all the time. I would warm up and cool down his horses for him and even ran barrels a couple of times. When we moved to Montana I still road but not as much and we didn't always have horses. Anyways, I've always loved it so I really do hope I have horses of my own someday. =-) So before Christmas Mac kept telling me how excited he was about my present and even came close to telling me (or so he says, I don't believe him). There were times when he would ask if I wanted to know what it was and of course just the thought that he might actually tell me was exciting but I didn't want to ruin the surprise. All he would tell me was that he was "making" my present and that it was really big and was going to need a huge box (he actually ended up making his own box taping pieces of cardboard together and just left the bottom off so I could just pull it off the top) Anyways, it was a great present and I was totally shocked! I had no idea what to expect but a saddle wasn't anywhere near my thoughts.

Jeremy, Nikki, and Kyla came over to have Christmas breakfast with us and for Kyla to open her presents. My parents bought her a toy kitchen and somehow I managed to be the one to put it all together....isn't that the dad's job? Oh well, it was fun anyways and she loved it.

Kyla chillin with dad and "her"puppy, Halley.

Playing with her unfinished kitchen with mom.

Making faces

Playing baseball on the wii with aunt Jessie! (Nevermind that the price tag is still firmly attached to my apparel....oops!)

Looking "innocent" and SO not! j/k

Watch out Danica Patrick, Kyla is starting her racing early.

(More to come.....)